Location! Location! Location!

Picking the Perfect Place for Your Senior Photos!

You’ve got the perfect outfits chosen for your senior session. Now the next question…WHERE do you want to have your pictures taken? Somewhere urban? In a beautiful nature setting? Somewhere special to you? What kind of look are you going for? The possibilities are endless, so how do you choose? Here are my 5 TIPS to picking the perfect location for your senior photo session.

1. Determine the look you’re going for 
First things first – what kind of images have you been dreaming about? Do you love the urban alley look? Or are you more drawn to a beautiful nature setting? If you’re unsure about what style you like, I highly recommend setting up a Pinterest board and pinning images you love. You’ll most likely start to see a pattern!

2. Find a spot with multiple options
Get the best bang for your buck out of a location by choosing one with different areas you can utilize for backgrounds. For example, if you’re looking for a park-type location, look for one with flowers, a rock wall, and a tree-lined path. For an urban area, look for one with stairs, different colored brick, and maybe a parking garage.

3. Customize with a location special to you
A great way to personalize your photo session is by choosing a location special to you. Where is your happy place? Where do you like to spend your time? Think about your favorite hangout with friends, the horse barn, the sports field, or maybe your favorite coffee shop!

4. Think outside the box
Nothing says you have to stay local for your senior photo session! How about photos in the Rocky Mountains? Or on the beach in Florida at sunset? You’re only a senior once – why not go for the ultimate experience and go somewhere super unique and fun for your session. HINT: “Have passport, will travel” is my motto!

5. Collaborate with your photographer
Your photographer is an expert and can help you choose the best locations for your photo session. I send my seniors a questionnaire to get an idea of who they are and what they are looking for. Then I will recommend a few locations based on my expertise that fits their style. It’s always fun to collaborate and design the session to be all about YOU!


CHECK OUT THESE IMAGES from past senior sessions to see what others have chosen for their locations and get some inspiration for yourself! And if you’re ready for me to help you find the perfect location for your senior photos, let’s get the party started and SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION TODAY!

Photo of the Photographer, Kristina Lynn standing in a nature inspired location
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