If you are a dog person, you know that your life is forever changed by that furry little thing with four paws. Their unconditional love and companionship are second to none. They are a very important part of your family and because of this dogs deserve their moment in front of the camera, too! Just like human kids, dogs are growing and changing right before your eyes. Let's capture that adorable puppy face, wrinkly skin, and inquisitive head tilt or the wisdom and peace in your older dog’s aging eyes before those stages and moments are gone.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Rodger A. Caras

Whether we are doing a full-length session with you and your dog, or you are partaking in one of my occasional dog mini photo sessions, I'll work hard to capture your dog's personality and you will walk away with photos that not only capture your pup's story in this moment but are photos that you LOVE and will treasure for years to come!

Let's talk details...

When it comes to dog photography sessions, you've got a couple of options!

Full Length Session

With a full-length session, we can really take the time to capture your pup's personality and customize the session to fit you. We can even include you or the whole family in the photos as well!


I will help find the best location for your photo shoot, help you figure out what to wear, and put my posing and dog whisperer skills to work at the session so that you can just have fun, which results in the best photographs!


And because different dogs and families have different needs, there are different session options to choose from. Fill out my contact form, and I'll send you information on which sessions would suit your needs the best.

Mini Session

Mini sessions are typically themed sessions photographed on a set in my studio and are only available on certain dates. While there are less customizable options for the session, we can still capture your pup's personality!


These sessions are much shorter in length (only about 10 minutes long) but you'd be surprised at what we can accomplish in that time frame. Depending on the size of the set and the size of your dog, we can sometimes photograph you and your pup or 2 dogs together.


These sessions are great for someone who wants a few great images of their dog in a short amount of time.


Head over to my Mini Sessions page to see upcoming themes and dates.

What people are saying...


"Kristina did a fabulous job taking photos of my husband and I with our dog. She was amazing interacting with Cami and getting her to pose for the camera! She also did a great job helping us narrow down our favorite photos and selecting the photos for our holiday cards. An added bonus was the donation she made to a charity as part of our session. We're very pleased with the process of working with her and the photos we received. We plan to work with her again in the future!"

Kristen F.


"Kristina had the unusual challenge of doing a photo shoot with my therapy dog, Murphy, and I at Regions Hospital (with permission!). She listened to what I specifically wanted to capture and had great suggestions for capturing Murphy's best features! She had to go to various places in the hospital, taking down and setting up her equipment, but she planned ahead and was so efficient! The photos were breathtaking; she captured Murphy's gaze, smile and soulful eyes so well! We couldn't be more pleased with the beautiful photos we have hanging in our home and the photo book. We will treasure them forever."

Annette d.

Slate & Lexi03

"My daughter and I took our dogs there for valentine pictures as part of a donation to a rescue group, Coco's Heart Dog Rescue. They were awesome pictures and we love them. Kristina did such a great job with the dogs. we are planning on going back for Spring pictures with our dogs. I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you Kristina for such great pictures."


““I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.”
– Gilda Radner

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LET'S PRESERVE the MEMORIES of you pup in this moment BEFORE THEy SLIP AWAY.