As with most things in life, timing is everything when it comes to nailing your senior pictures! Prepping for the photos that will live on your parents’ living room mantle for the rest of eternity can also be a little nerve-wracking! I’m here to help relieve some anxiety about what is an exciting right of passage for graduates. So, what are my best tips for getting the most out of your senior session?

Tip #1 – Book Your Session NOW!

Little known fact – many yearbook deadlines come at the beginning of your senior year! That means the BEST time to do your senior pictures is in the summer between your junior and senior years! Therefore, I recommend booking your senior session NOW to make sure you have time to prepare, shoot, and get your photos back in time for that yearbook deadline!

Kristina Lynn Photography & Design Senior Pictures in the Summer. Collage of 7 senior pictures in a field of flowers.

Tip #2 – The lower the sun, the better

The best time of day for lighting is either earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky. The lighting is less harsh at these times of day and creates a softer, more flattering look. Pro tip: If you’re doing your senior session in the hot summer, choose a morning time to avoid the heat!

Tip #3 – Cloudy days are great for photos.

When clouds cover the sky, it diffuses the sun’s light into one gigantic, soft light source! This makes for really nice even lighting and allows us to shoot almost anywhere! On sunny days, we have to really pay attention to the direction we’re shooting, so you’re not facing the sun, which means we are searching for shaded areas for better lighting, and less squinting! So while you may be DREAMING of a bright sunshiny day with blue skies, cloudy days can be just as beautiful!

Kristina Lynn Photography & Design Senior Pictures 4 poses on a lacrosse field

Tip #4 – What’s the best time of year?

The look you’re wanting will dictate what time of year is best for your session. For example, if you want colorful flowers, later in the summer will give us the best options. Want to beat the heat? I’d recommend booking in June or early July. On the other hand, if you’re looking for fall color, you’ll want to shoot in early to mid-October. Pro tip: Seasonal add-on sessions are a great way to get a variety of looks and showcase a special season in your life. 

Tip #5 – Midwest winters are pretty but also problematic

If you LOVE winter and have your heart set on photos in the snow, it’s trickier to pick a date to shoot your senior session. We usually start seeing snowfall in November, but having enough to make the magic photos happen, can be as late as mid-January. Winter sessions are another excellent choice for seasonal add-ons! Get the images you’ve dreamed of without doing your entire session in the cold!

Kristina Lynn Photography & Design Senior Pictures in the winter. 5 photo collage of senior girl in green lovely green dress posing outside in the snow


CHECK OUT THESE IMAGES from past senior sessions to see what others have chosen for their session and get some inspiration for yourself!

And if you’re ready for me to help you find the perfect time for your senior photos, let’s get the party started and SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION TODAY!

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