Why hello there! I'm Kristina, the artist/mastermind/entrepreneur behind Kristina Lynn Photography & Design.

A little bit about me...I am engaged to a wonderful man named Patrick and the proud dog mom of Bella, a Yorkie Bichon pup of 15 years.


My kryptonite is frozen Kit Kats (I'd do some seriously sketchy things for one!). Most days are started with a big cup of coffee, and my favorite way to unwind at night is with a glass of red wine and a pair of comfy pants.


The beach is my all time happy place. It really grounds me and recharges my batteries.


I'm an overall passionate entrepreneur, self-proclaimed workaholic and life-long learner.

I believe...

  • that life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  • life doesn't have to be lived in a bubble - break out of your routine!
  • puppy snuggles have amazing healing powers.
  • life should be filled with "remember the time when…" stories instead of the "I wish I had…" ones.
  • in living life with intent instead of just going through the motions.
  • that bribery is an effective means of motivation (especially when you use it on yourself!)

I am guilty of...

  • adding things I have already done to my "to do list" just so I can cross things off.
  • buying multiple sets of ColorStreet nails and sneaking them into the house so Patrick doesn't notice.
  • not making plans so I can relax at home, binge watch Sex & The City and drink a glass of wine in my comfy pants.
  • watching Project Runway and online shopping at night - a very dangerous combination!


I believe life should be filled with "remember the time when..." stories instead of the "I wish I had..." ones