About Kristina


I believe…

  • that life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  • routine is boring and life doesn’t have to be lived in a bubble
  • puppy snuggles have amazing healing powers
  • life should be filled with “remember the time when…” stories instead of the “I wish I had…” ones.
  • in living life with intent instead of just going through the motions
  • savory trumps sweet every time
  • that life should be lived out loud!
  • when you encounter a road block in life, you put on your tallest pair of stiletto heels, climb over it, and keep on going!
  • that bribery is an effective means of motivation, especially when you use it on yourself.

I am guilty of…

  • buying multiple pairs of new shoes then slowly work them into my closet so my fiancé doesn’t notice
  • sneaking horrible takeout for lunch and making sure I take out the garbage before anyone gets home.
  • cancelling plans sometimes just so I can relax at home, binge watching Sex & The City and drink a bottle of wine in my comfy pants
  • adding things I have already done to my “to do list” just so I can cross things off
  • getting up in the morning with my fiancé but crawl back into bed to snuggle with my pup for a few more hours after he has left for the day.
  • crazy car dancing to Backstreet Boys and Brittany Spears on epic road trips.
  • watching Project Runway and online shopping at night – a very dangerous combination!