What to Wear (or Not to Wear) for Your Family Photo Session

The first thing you think about when getting ready for your family photo session is often what to wear. There are a ton of wardrobe possibilities available to you, which can be confusing and overwhelming! Here are some tips to ensure that everyone looks their best and feels comfortable in their outfits.

1. Solid colors are always a good choice.
Solid colors are classic and timeless, and they work for every season. My go-to colors are neutrals (think navy, grey, browns, blacks) and maybe working in a small pop of coordinating color.

2. Avoid bold, bright colors.
Bold, bright colors don’t always photograph the best and can be overpowering, so avoiding them is best. If bright and colorful is your family’s style, try pairing them with some neutral tones or layering them under a jacket. You want the images on your walls to be timeless and classic, not trendy or dated.

3. Darker clothes are more slimming than lighter colored fabrics.
Compared to light-colored textiles, darker clothing is more slimming. Use darker hues to conceal any portions of your body that you want to appear smaller or slimmer, such as your arms.

4. It’s best to avoid busy patterns.
Just like bright colors, busy patterns can distract from the faces in the photograph, especially when they’re too small or too large. You want portrait sessions to be about the people in the photos rather than the pattern on your shirt. If your favorite shirt has a busy print, think about layering it under a jacket.

5. Pick an outfit that fits the location.
Choose clothing that complements the environment. For example, you don’t want to arrive at the beach wearing a suit and tie or shoot in an elegant location in shorts & flip-flops. Additionally, consider the season and wear appropriate clothing. Being comfortable is key to getting great images!

6. Make sure everyone is comfortable in their clothing selections.
Make sure everyone is comfortable in their clothing selections! The last thing you want is for someone to feel uncomfortable because their outfit doesn’t fit well – this will show in the images! Make sure you can easily move around, sit and stand in your outfit. And wear a complete outfit as we’ll be doing close-up and full-length images.

Takeaway: Think classic, comfortable, and true to your family’s style when choosing what to wear for your family photo session.


CHECK OUT THESE IMAGES from past family sessions to see what others have chosen for their outfits and get some inspiration for yourself! And if you’re ready for me to help you find the perfect outfits for you and your family, let’s SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION TODAY!

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