The Truth about Contract Photographers & Your Yearbook Photo

Some schools have a "contract photographer" - what does that mean for your senior photos? Highlands Ranch photographer Kristina Lynn Photography & Design explains it all!

Summer is flying by – I can’t believe it’s already a week into July! If you are going to be a senior, you are probably starting to get yearbook information from your school since most of the deadlines hit just a few weeks after the start of the school year. When going through that information you might see a list of “preferred photographers” or you might even see something called a “contract photographer”. If you’re the oldest sibling in your family, this might be foreign territory and terminology for you, so let me fill you in!

What is a “preferred photographer” list?

These lists are photographers that the school recommends you use for your senior photos. Often times there is no qualification process, photographers simply pay a fee to be put on this list, so as with anything, do your research to make sure they are a good fit for your style and budget before booking.

What is a “contract photographer”?

A contract photographer is a studio that has worked out a deal with the school to be the sole provider of yearbook images. These schools will only accept images for the yearbook from this specific photographer.

Do I have to go to the contract photographer for my senior photos?

NO! While the school can require that your yearbook photo come from a specific photographer, that doesn’t mean you have to do your full senior session with them! The contract photographer will offer a free yearbook-only session to you, they will submit your image to the yearbook, and you aren’t required to make a purchase of any sort.

Do all schools have a contract photographer? How do I know if mine does?

No, not all schools have a contract photographer. In fact a lot of schools will accept yearbook photos from any professional photographer. If your school requires you to go somewhere specific for your yearbook photos, they will typically let you know in the information packet/email/website they send you. Sometimes this information is hard to find, but as mentioned above, if they are requiring you to go to a specific photographer, they offer free yearbook-only sessions specifically for this purpose.

My advice to all seniors

It’s YOUR senior year and it’s YOUR senior photos. Get them taken where you want to – somewhere that will give you the style and quality you are looking for, and will create images that you’ll love. And if your school has a contract photographer – take them up on their free deal just for the yearbook photo! It’s your year, your life, your moment – how do YOU want to capture it?

While my calendar is filling up quite quickly, I do still have limited times available for sessions in July and August. Please contact me today to get more information about my senior photos and see if we are a good fit!


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