Iowa Fashion Photography | Rebecca’s Modeling Session

I just happened to be going through my blog today, updating and adding some of my most recent sessions when I realized that I had completely missed blogging about one of the best modeling sessions to date! Rebecca, my deepest apologizes! But better late than never right?

About a month ago Rebecca had contacted me to see if there was any way of doing a modeling session down in Iowa. She had stumbled upon my website while doing a search for fashion photographers in Iowa and loved the look of my work as well as the products, like comp cards, that I offer. It just so happened that I was going to be making a trip back home right around the same time so it worked out great! She’s from the southern part of Iowa and my hometown is in the north central region so we decided to meet in Marshalltown to do the session – a nice in between distance for the both of us 🙂 I’d never been to Marshalltown so I was very excited to go shoot in a new area. Rebecca, her mom and I had a BLAST as we wandered around Marshalltown’s Main Street and I was SO inspired by the grunge alleys and fun buildings that provided fabulous backdrops for the session.  It was hard for me to pick out just a few favorites, out of the hundreds of great frames, for the blog but here they are. Thanks for a fun and inspiring session Rebecca – you’re going to go far in the modeling world!RebeccaModeling012RebeccaModeling035RebeccaModeling201RebeccaModeling124

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