Engagement Portrait Photography | Kelly & Nolan in the Twin Cities

Kelly & Nolan are one of my couples that live in the Twin Cities but are getting married back in Iowa, in Kelly’s hometown, this coming fall. So to get the best of both worlds, we decided to do their engagement session up in the Twin Cities to tie that part of their life in with their special day. It had been a pretty gloomy day with rain threatening any outdoor plans we had for the session. So we had decided to hit up the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden where, if it did happen to keep raining, we could at least find space out of the rain to photograph. And afterall, nothing screams TWIN CITIES like the giant cherry and spoon sculpture.  But it was like magic! On my way to the session, the rain stopped and the clouds started to lighten up creating a nice even lighting – perfect to utilize different parts of the sculpture garden.

Next we headed off to The Guthrie Theater, another famous landmark in the Twin Cities. The thing I love about The Guthrie is that there are lots of different areas to choose from so you can create a more formal look or use some of the surrounding areas for more of an urban feel.

I had so much fun photographing Kelly & Nolan’s engagement session. I can’t wait for their wedding day in October!

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