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Some days product photography is my favorite thing to do. It’s a lot easier than chasing a small child around the studio with a camera trying to make them smile! And once I get the lighting just right (which sometimes can be a little tricky) it’s fairly easy because, again, the products don’t more after I put them in place. So when my friend, Jim, from Morningside called and said he was in need of photos of his mom’s pottery for her new website he was designing, I jumped at the chance to photograph some inanimate objects and catch up with an old friend.

Until I got to Connie’s studio just outside of Alta, Iowa (can you say ROADTRIP!) I had no concept of how beautiful the pieces were going to be. They were amazing! She’s got quite the collection of pieces ranging from plates and bowls to lamps and angel statuettes. And, little did I know, that this is more than just Connie’s passion, but it’s also her husband Jerry’s as well. They’ve been making pottery pieces and selling them at art shows for years. I absolutely love the rich colors they use and the detail they put in to each piece that is made.

These are just a few of my favorite images and just a few of what the Braunschweig’s have to offer. Definitely check out their website to see more and to see what shows they are going to be at (don’t worry Minnesotans – I’m sure they’ll be doing some shows up here in the Cities this year as well!)

commerical photography shoot Braunschweig Pottery Alta, Iowa

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