Emma | Rock Canyon High School Senior Photos

Silhouette photo of a girl kissing her horse in a barn in Parker Colorado.

“We accept the love we think we deserve” – from Perks of Being a Wallflower

Meet Emma! She’s a recent high school graduate from Rock Canyon High School in Colorado. Emma was a part of my senior photos model team for the Class of 2017 and I had so much fun getting to know her this past year. Emma has an amazing personality and a carefree spirit. While in high school, she was very active in drama and looks to continue that in college (her dream job is to be a musical theater actress!). She also LOVES horses! For her senior photos we did photos with her horse, Norman, and they are some of my all time favorite photos. Especially the silhouette shot I grabbed in the horse barn – so fun!

Beautiful portraits of a high school senior girl during her senior photos shoot in Colorado.Teenage girl wearing a green jacket and light washed jeans on a rocky river bed.Photos from a senior photos session in a rocky river bed.Editorial style black and white image of a girl standing in a rocky river bed.A high school teen walking through a park in torn jeans and a flowy top.High school senior girl photographed in downtown Parker Colorado.A girl sitting on a rock wall in an urban area.Editorial black and white images of a high school senior girl under a bridge.High school senior girl photographed in a park in Minnesota.A girl in a white dress sitting on a white picket fence on a farm.High school senior girl smiling with her horse for her senior photo session.Teenage girl in a white sundress with her horse in a grass field.Young girl sitting in a grass field on a horse farm outside of Parker Colorado.A candid photo of a teen girl during a senior photo session.Black and white image of a girl blowing dandelion flower.Teenage girl riding her horse during her senior photo session in Parker Colorado.Photos of a high school senior girl at a horse ranch in Colorado.A young girl riding her horse through a water hole on a farm in rural Minnesota

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